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FpvFriends | DuckFPV Bobble Head

FpvFriends | DuckFPV Bobble Head

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Duck loves going long distances and traveling the world. But he can only fly so far, so if he has the help of 500 Mini Ducks, he can see more of the world all at once.

The Duck Bobble is 7 1/2 inches high and is a solid resin cast Bobble that has a built in screw tray at the base so that he will help you work on your favorite quad while you are watching your favorite edits.

Duck comes fully painted and is packaged in his full color customized box. Duck is limited to 500 Bobbles. And like Bot, when the 500 are gone, the mold is smashed and this edition is done and there will be no more. So grab yours while you can.

Be sure to follow Duck on Instagram at and subscribe on Youtube at DuckFPV

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