Join The Team

Here at #FPVFriends, we are a big family.  We want to include the whole community in our goal of bringing everyone together around our love of the hobby.  That is why we are offering a new system where anyone, even YOU has the chance to become a pilot here at FPVFriends.
How it works
Go ahead and create an account via this link. Yes, this is an affiliate system.. nothing wrong with that!  We provide each affiliate account with an affiliate link along with a 5% off coupon code to provide to your audience.  You can post the link and coupon code anywhere you post.  When you get sales, the affiliate system tracks them.  Once you hit $100 in sales, we will include you on this page of entry-level pilots!  We will then offer a small commission on any sales you generate after that date.  We will track all entry-level pilots analytics, and if you are actively promoting us and generating clicks/sales, we might contact you to put you on the team along side Bot, Gravy, Duck, and others!
Link to register:
Entry-Level #FPVFriends: