Meet our #fpvfriends

The best darn FPV pilots in the world
(CYBERPUNK//TRANSHUMANIST//DRONE PILOT) BOTGRINDER has been in the game for four years now. He is an amazing pilot with a personality like no other. Make sure to check him out and give a follow!
Lexie Janson is a business owner & content creator from Germany. In an extremely short time she became one of the most known personalities and influencers of FPV (First Person View) drone world. Pursuing her passion to photography, videography and travel industry.
Duck FPV
Coming in at only 18 years old, Duck is an avid FPV Pilot. Whether it's freestyle on his free days, or cross country trips to get juicy cinematic footage, all of his content is worth checking out and giving a follow!
Ole Gravy Leg
Ole Gravy Leg is an OG in FPV.  Not only is he an amazing bando ripper, he is also a great dad.  He's always around helping the community out.  Make sure to check him out and give him a follow!
FPV is a combination of everything I love. It combines technology, problem solving, cinematography, and going super fast into one ridiculously rewarding hobby. FPV has opened my life up to so many new friends that have helped in creating so many memories already. I look forward to creating more every day. Okay now brb, gonna go slam a drone into a concrete wall KAY BAI!
LORD WOLF is a newer FPV pilot from the east coast who's hit the ground running with his unique, creative and entertaining content on Youtube. Although he's new, he's learning to fly freestyle at a decent speed and is determined to become an incredible pilot! If you happen to get lucky to meet him at a group session, you'll be happy you did as he always brings positive vibes, crazy antics and his funny sense of humor.